Get kids simple service with no overage risks.

Kids are headed back to school, and now a days, they almost need easily accessible research tools. But as parents on a budget, we need limits. At Elite iPhone Repair, we offer cellular plans that go in any existing AT&T smartphone with flat rate options starting at $30/mo. Once they hit the cap, it goes […]


10% Off Accessories Til 8/2

From now till August 2nd come in to save on any in stock Accessories and cases.   Also save $10 off any new H2O activations!

We have moved to suite #132

If your coming by, don’t sot at #102, head on up next to schmaltz’s to #132. We are officially in the new location.



Did your phone fall victim to the storm?

Remember, if your electronic device, including your iPhone or android phone, got wet during the heavy flooding, unplug it, power it off, and bring it in first thing tomorrow for cleaning and drying. All the myths you hear online don’t work. The times they do is pure luck, not science. So don’t risk it with […]

Were moving down the strip!

Next week we will be moving to suite #132 right next to Schmaltz’s. More room, planned kidZone, more pleasant setting, and more services with quicker turn around, all at the same highest quality standards we’ve been delivering all along!

We fix it all, not just iPhones!

Most common misconception people have about us is that all we do is iPhone. That’s way off. We work on not only Apple devices such as iPhone, iPod, iPad, MacBook, and more, but we also repair electronics and smartphones by HTC, Samsung, Motorola, LG, Blackberry, Kindle, Nook, Sony (including Playstations of all generations), Dell, HP, […]

5C only $324.99 +Tax

Add some color and save money on your bill. Unlimited talk/text and data for only $60.



Only right way to fix water damage, bring it in.

We hear it all, rice, freezer, microwave, dashboard, oven, and even more off the wall fixes. Only one thing fixes water damage right, and that’s trained professionals. The only “safe” home attempt is rice, but even a week later it could still be wet, not to mention rice gets in ports and jacks and grills. […]

Don’t overpay for good protection!

It’s summer, waters gonna be on your agenda. Don’t pay over $90 for some hard to use case that don’t offer good drop protection ratings, come see us and get the stylish, high drop rating, military standard Ballistic Hydra series case for only $79.99!!